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About Me

Matthew Fritts

Vice President, Financial Advisor

(859) 514-6433


Quality, perspective, honesty and integrity: my core values are at the center of everything I do. You can count on that. From day one, I’m an advocate for you and your legacy. I believe in your success because I know how hard you’ve worked to get here, and I’m confident about everything you can accomplish in the future. That’s why I’m an advisor for Baird.

I truly appreciate the trust the families who depend on me to help guide them with achieving, and maintaining, their financial success have placed in me!   In part, because of the high level trust, I feel a deep responsibility as a financial advisor to continually upgrade my knowledge, skills, and the credentials I bring to the table.

Understanding that your financial success is about much, much more than just your investment portfolios led me to obtaining the Certified Financial Planner®, or CFP® designation.  This allows me to bring a depth and breadth of knowledge to all aspects of your family’s financial success – today and into the future. Some of topics and strategies we address include:

  • Reviewing asset protection and risk strategies currently in place and identifying gaps or omissions, or overlaps in your financial planning
  • Incorporate your non-liquid assets such as real estate or business ownership into your plan
  • Integrate, coordinate, and monitor your various investment accounts and income sources – both personal assets and your retirement plan assets
  • Consult with your CPA to ensure your investment strategies are working in tandem with your tax strategies and that you are maximizing income and minimizing taxes
  • Help you facilitate multi generational financial planning conversations and incorporating blended or alternative family dynamics and business ownership into the planning process 

I may not always say what you want to hear, but I will say what overall financial strategies, and investments, would be best suited to achieving and maintaining your definition of financial success. 

Want to learn more about my practice? Explore the process, values and experience I use to help you get where you are going. My mission is to help guide and support you in order to achieve your dreams.

This is your story.
I can help you write it.